OneDrive is a great file sharing platform and is part of the wider Office 365 suite. If you are new to Office 365 then you’ll need to know how to share a file in OneDrive so here’s our guide. We have loads of other guides for people new to Office 365 so have a read and then click through to find out more about what you can do.

  1. Log in to Office 365 at
  2. Click on the OneDrive tile in your home screen.
    OneDrive tile icon
  3. Find the file you want to share. In this case I want to share the AeroHive logo with my colleague Steve. Click the three small dots on the right side of your file name to view the available actions. Choose Share to access the sharing options.
  4. On the sharing page, start typing the name of the people you want to share the file with. Office 365 will bring up a list of suggestions as you type. Choose the one you want to share with and select their access level from the drop down option on the right. In this case I want to let Steve edit the file, but you can also choose to just let them view the file.
    OneDrive sharing
  5. You can enter a message in the box that they will receive via email. When you are ready, click Share and you are done.

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