The first step when it comes to moving to Office 365 is to sign up for the service itself, which is really straightforward. No matter what size business you have you’ll just need some basic information and a credit card and you are up and running.

  1. Go to and choose your tariff option on that page by clicking Buy Now.
  2. Fill in your details on the Welcome page. Make sure you set your country correctly. Click Next.
    2016-07-14 13_14_49-Office 365 Business Trial
  3. On the User ID page enter your username and password and choose an domain name. You can add your own domain name later on. Click Create My Account.
    2016-07-14 13_15_49-Office 365 Business Trial
  4. You’ll need to enter a mobile number. This is so that Microsoft know you are a real person. And.Not.A.Robot.
    2016-07-14 13_16_14-Office 365 Business Trial
  5. You’ll receive a code which needs to be entered on screen.
    2016-07-14 13_16_41-Office 365 Business Trial
  6. ….and you’re done. Bathe in that sense of smug satisfaction.
    2016-07-14 13_18_07-Office 365 Business Trial

If you need further help with your Office 365 implementation, or with your IT support, then do get in touch today.