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How to assign admin permissions to a user in Office 365

Office 365 is a great tool and it's easy to manage. However if you are already an admin user then there will always be times when you want to assign [...]

How to share a file in OneDrive in Office 365

OneDrive is a great file sharing platform and is part of the wider Office 365 suite. If you are new to Office 365 then you'll need to know how [...]

How to upload files to OneDrive in Office365

If you are new to Microsoft's Office 365 One Drive then you'll need to know how to upload files before sharing them with colleagues. OneDrive is just part of [...]

3 ways to get the most of your managed IT support provider

IT providers should be there to help you build your business but you have to be a little bit hands on. Here's our guide.

How to disable conversation view in Google Apps for Work

The Google Mail interface isn't for everyone. If you are coming from the Microsoft world with Outlook as your main tool it can seem a little...cluttered and counter intuitive. [...]

How to change credit card details on Office 365

Here's a quick guide on how to add and remove the credit card details in Office 365. How to add a new credit card to Office 365 Sign in to [...]

How to add a domain to your Office 365 account

If you've just created your Office 365 account you'll need to add a domain name to enforce your brand. It's possible to use Office 365 without a domain name, [...]

How to sign up for Office 365

The first step when it comes to moving to Office 365 is to sign up for the service itself, which is really straightforward. No matter what size business you have you'll just [...]

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