An Open Business

At Oakson we aim not just to provide awesome IT support services to companies across England but to also build a business focused on supporting its staff just as much as our company supports your business. We believe that companies should provide their staff with a workplace that can bring out their talents and shine a light on their skills, where staff are passionate about helping our customers and, together, work to help support each of our clients. We give everyone in our business a say in how we operate, how we are doing, and where we are going.

We call this an Open Business and it’s the cornerstone of Oakson and indeed the  idea of such an environment was one of the reasons that Oakson was created.

Embracing new platforms

If our belief in open business underpins our approach to our business then our belief in maximizing the use of new platforms underpins our technical services. Whilst we provide IT support, which is a big part of our business, we believe that our experiences in one sector can be bring benefits to other clients and so we try to engage with clients and understand how they work. The use of new platforms and ways of working is key to this approach and our clients get to see the benefits, and pitfalls, of services that they otherwise wouldn’t have considered.